Team Frumosa – Meet Team Captain Sherie Wilcox

Meet Team Captain….Sherie Wilcox

Age: 19

Team: Team Frumosa

Location: Townsville

“I believe if you can dream it, it can be done”

I have been involved with the Fashion Bash since 2007. I was 12yrs at the time.

In 2009 I won the Fundraiser of the Year raising $7500, but over the year of involvement I have raised a total of $15,000.

Also in 2011 to my amazement I won the Miss Fashion Australia. This was an exciting time in my Fashion Bash years. I have also won some other things but this was the biggest ever, and winning a trip to LA for my prize this was amazing. I also won a photoshoot while over in LA and became the Face of online store.

I would describe winning the Miss Fashion Australia Title to be an amazing opportunity, it has given me the confidence and self-esteem and ability to do anything you set your mind to.

2011 was a great year for me as I was also signed in Sydney.

I then went on to finish Beauty School at the end of 2011, and then open my own Beauty Salon in the Dec of 2011 in Townsville under my family’s home which I am still currently doing. I have always loved helping others which owning and working in my own salon gives me the ability to do.

I also have an online business on Facebook called NthQldSecret-Bikini/Fashion Townsville, which I used models from the Burdekin Fashion Bash this year to open the Burdekin Fashion Bash 2013.

 I am also starting up my own Modelling & Deportment Workshop from Frumosa Beauty Salon in Townsville. I would like to show others what I have learnt over the year 2011. 2012 I completed Certificate 1 and 2 in Modelling and Deportment and Photograph in Front of Camera in Sydney with Style Academy.

I think that I will make a great Team Captain from Team Frumosa Townsville as I have the experience in Modelling & Deportment and also fundraising and helping others.

4 Responses to “Team Frumosa – Meet Team Captain Sherie Wilcox”

  1. i’ll like to join team frumosa

    • Hi Sherie, My name is Tegan Comyn, i am 18 years old living in a beautiful small beach town of Queensland called Emu Park. Although I have not had a lot of experience in the model/fashion industry, Henry Petersen has suggested the Burdekin Fashion Bash. I have looked through your impressive TEAM Captin intro. I would love to be given an amazing experience of being part of Team frumosa.

  2. Hi Sade, if you would like to send email to – I will pass you contact details over to Sherie & Janelle Wilcox – Team Frumoasa Townsville

  3. Hi Sadie please forward an email to and will pas on all your contact details to Sherie Wilcox – Team Frumoasa Townsville.