Free Life Skills Classes for Far North QLD

Henry's Life Skills - pathway to successChief Talent Scout Henry Petersen is wildly excited about his recent road scouting safari to Cairns and the Tablelands in search of teams to compete in the inaugural 2014 World Team Fashion Challenge at this year’s Fashion Bash.

While many wish to become team members, finding experienced team captains is proving a challenge for this country’s most colourful and successful talent scout. “I have been working around the clock just to get these team developed around Australia and New Zealand. With five down and five to go to reach the 2014 target, finding team members is easy, but finding team captains is where the difficulty lays,” Mr Petersen said.

“They really need to have entered the Fashion Bash before and experienced the thrills and spills, plus the hype of success or disappointment.”

This weekend Mr Petersen conducted FREE Life Skills Training classes in far north Queensland in a hope to attract Fashion Bash entrants. Mr Petersen’s classes are much sought-after, having helped launched the careers of international models and superstars.

Stay tuned for more classes in the future or ENTER NOW to undergo the classes as part of the 2014 Burdekin Fashion Bash.

2 Responses to “Free Life Skills Classes for Far North QLD”

  1. FREE classes! Models and model-wannabes should not pass this offer up! Well done Henry.

  2. I really enjoyed the Life Skills Training Classes i presented In Ingham, Innisfail and Cairns on 10 -11 August and i had the opportunity to meet up with so much young talent. I look forward to presenting lots more in the coming months on my road scouting safaris, Cheers Henryp